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EVAPAR: Since 1912

Our History and Heritage

1912 – 1968

The history of EVAPAR has been one of constant evolution. Throughout this history we have remained focused on one constant and that is customer service. We have evolved to meet ever changing needs, markets, and technologies. We have focused our organization on providing our customers with the very best service. The following is a brief history of our company since its beginning in 1912 up to today.

In 1912 the business began as an automotive parts operation serving the “new” emerging automotive market. Owned by a group of local men, the business originally began as “Kramer Brothers,” then sometime around 1920 became “Evansville Auto Parts Company”. In 1928 the business was incorporated as Evansville Auto Parts, Inc. The original location was on the Evansville riverfront at 201 Northwest Riverside Drive.

In the 1930’s and 40’s business grew in many ways. As the auto parts market expanded, many auto parts stores sprang up in smaller communities surrounding Evansville. We evolved into a wholesale distributor supplying parts to these auto parts businesses. In 1931 we expanded by adding an engine machine shop and engine rebuilding operation to serve the automotive, agricultural and industrial engine markets. Dealerships were acquired for many brands of industrial engines to serve the oil fields, coal mining, construction and agricultural markets. In addition, a new division was started to supply materials to the growing automotive refinishing (body shop) market.

In the 1950’s we began shifting our focus towards industrial engines and industrial equipment. Distributorships were acquired for a variety of product lines such as Onan electric generators, Wabco air compressors, Continental engines, Peabody Barnes pumps and many others.

1968 – 1998

Riverside Dr.

5 E. Riverside Dr., Evansville, IN – 1968

In 1968 we built a new facility at 5 E. Riverside Drive in Evansville and moved our operations away from the riverfront approximately 1 mile.

During the period from the 50’s thru the 70’s the automotive side of our company was gradually overtaken by the “industrial side”. By the 70’s we had evolved into a industrial equipment distributor focused on electric power generation, compressed air and industrial engines (gas and diesel).

While the name Evansville Auto Parts, Inc. had become well known and respected over the many years, it was no longer indicative of our business. In 1981 we came up with a new name for our company; we decided to call ourselves EVAPAR.

We focused on growing our business by expanding our product offerings and increasing our capabilities, while maintaining our commitment to customer service. We have embraced new technologies such as emission control devices, remote monitoring, digital control systems, and energy savings equipment.

1998 – 2008

By the mid 90’s we had outgrown our facility at 5 E. Riverside Drive and began searching for a new home. In 1997 we purchased a tract of land on the north side of Evansville located just off Highway 41 at 9000 N. Kentucky Avenue. Planning began and in 1998 construction began on the approx. 30,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse/shop facility. We moved into this new facility in June 1999.

As we continued to grow, we expanded our geographic coverage into Central & Eastern Kentucky. In 2004 we opened a branch location in Louisville, KY., located in the Bluegrass Industrial Park on the S.E. side of Louisville.

Growth continued and by 2006 we had outgrown both the Evansville facility and the Louisville location. We purchased a lot and constructed our current home in Louisville, KY at 11120 Plantside Drive which we moved into in October 2007. Also in 2007 we expanded our Evansville facility to accommodate our growth.

9000 N. Kentucky, Evansville

9000 N. Kentucky, Evansville, IN

Plantside (Louisville)

11120 Plantside Dr., Louisville, KY

2008 to 2012

Growth continued and in 2009 we again decided to expand our geographic coverage and opened two new branch locations in Indianapolis, IN and Ft. Wayne, IN. The Indianapolis branch is located at 3451 Developers Road, Indianapolis, IN, and Ft. Wayne is located at 6011 Highview Drive, Ft. Wayne IN. Both of these branch locations are also full service branches with Sales, Service, Parts and Rental.

3451 Developers Rd. Indianapolis IN

3451 Developers Rd., Indianapolis, IN

exterior of the fort wayne location of evapar

3810 Concept Court Fort Wayne, IN 46808

With all 4 of our full service branches strategically located, we now cover a large geographic area that encompasses the entire states of Indiana and Kentucky along with much of the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Today, we are committed to continue our evolution as the premier provider of power generation systems, compressed air systems, and industrial engines & accessories while maintaining our core philosophy of superior customer service. We represent many of the leading manufacturers of generators, air compressors, and industrial engines. In addition we also build custom engineered packages for specialty applications. With a large inventory of new equipment, rental equipment, and parts we are committed to support our customers every need. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.