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The Power People - Since 1912

We Keep the Lights On

We Keep the Lights On

EVAPAR, the trusted professionals, is trained to care for your emergency power needs. When power fails, it is too late to begin the hunt for a backup power source. Food is destroyed within twelve hours, mold and mildew begin to form, and the comfort of level of your lifestyle may become unpleasant with a prolonged outage. For a business, a power outage can mean failure if there is no backup plan.

When you consider how severe the consequences of any power outage can be, you immediately realize the necessity of trusting EVAPAR.

EVAPAR has been a leader in the Industrial generator industry for over fifty years and been in service to the community since 1912. EVAPAR offers excellent customer service and have a variety of units that offer something for every customer.

You can feel safe with EVAPAR, a trusted name in generators, introducing new ‘must-have’ technologies to keep homeowners safe and up-to-date when the power goes out! EVAPAR can’t keep the power from going out – but they can keep the lights on in your home!

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Posted by: Bret Grimes on January 23, 2012
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