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Quincy Air Compressors from Industry Veterans

We Are Louisville’s Source for Quincy Air Compressors

Whether you are looking for a new Quincy air compressor or are in need of repair service, EVAPAR is your go-to source for the trusted Quincy brand.

Our team is trained to specialize in all types of services from any make or model of Quincy air compressors. We are proud to offer our services to the Louisville and surrounding area. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are in need of a high compressor today!

Prevent Problems With Regular Maintenance

At EVAPAR, we are firm believers in preventative maintenance to keep your compressor up and running for as long as possible. Regular maintenance allows us to identify any issues that arise before they become more severe. We also suggest regular service and inspections to make sure your system is operating at maximum efficiency as much as possible.

Our team understands that breakdowns rarely happen at a convenient time. We strive to always work in a timely and professional manner to complete any needed repairs as quickly as possible to keep downtime to a minimum.

Quincy Compressors also backs their products with the industry’s best warranty, which includes:

  • 10-year Airend Warranty
  • 5-year Variable Speed Drive Warranty
  • 5-year Drive Motor Warranty
  • 5-year Air-Fluid Receiver Warranty
  • 5-year Drive Coupling Warranty
  • 5-year Cooler Warranty

We Are Louisville’s Premier Quincy Supplier

When you are looking for a top-of-the-line Quincy compressor in the Louisville area, look no further than the team at EVAPAR. We are a certified dealer and possess extensive knowledge of not only their product line, but how to properly service Quincy compressors.

About Quincy Compressor

quincy air compressors logoQuincy Compressor was founded in 1920 with the goal of producing the most reliable products on the market. Their unwavering commitment to creating and selling the highest quality compressors has led to their products being used in some of the toughest work environments imaginable. Whether it’s a large-scale mining operation or a massive shipbuilding project, Quincy compressors are always up to the task.
Visit the Quincy Compressor website for more information about their products.