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Generac Power Systems – GTS Transfer Switches

Generac Industrial Power

Generac is the only manufacturer of open transition switches to incorporate the two most common switching methods (in-phase and delayed-transition) into the same ATS. Our in-phase monitor provides safe, fast (160 msec) transfers between two live voltage sources when the source voltages are aligned (within 20°). If voltages are not in-phase within an appropriate time, the system will automatically revert to the time delayed-transition transfer. If the in-phase function is disabled, our GTS switches utilize delayed-transition transfer that allows load voltage to decay to a safe level before switching sources.

Generac GTS transfer switches feature status lights that indicate switch position and source status, a programmable weekly exerciser that can be user-configured to transfer on exercise, independent voltage pickup and dropout adjustments and utility monitoring to protect against utility phase loss conditions. Our front access test mode switch allows the entire standby system to be tested in either a normal or fast test mode.

Available Models




100 – 400 Amps

GTS with Trip To Neutral

100 – 400 Amps


600 – 1000 Amps


1200 – 2600 Amps

ASCO Power Technologies

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches

Reliably transfer business-critical loads to emergency sources with ASCO’s line of industry-leading automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches. ASCO automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches are applicable in many environments, ranging from residential, agricultural and light commercial applications to the critical power needs of healthcare, financial and data center facilities.

Get the advantage of having an emergency power system equipped by best-in-class technology with ASCO transfer switches. ASCO 7000 Series Power Transfer Switches are available in bypass-isolation configurations to allow testing and maintenance of the transfer switch without interrupting power to the load.

ASCO Transfer switches are available as Automatic or Non-Automatic, Open Transition, Closed Transition, Delayed Transition with Bypass Isolation. ASCO can also provide transfer switches as Service Entrance Rated equipment to power an entire building with one transfer switch conveniently placed and installed at the service entrance of the building.

  • Switches available from 30 to 4000 amps
  • Open, Closed or Delayed Transition
  • Bypass Isolation
  • Low or Medium Voltage
  • Service Entrance Rated

Available from EVAPAR: ASCO 300 Series / ASCO 4000 Series / ASCO 7000 Series

All Eaton transfer switches are designed to meet the requirements set forth by UL 1008. However, not all transfer switches are created equal. You can be assured of safe and reliable operation from all types of transfer switches that Eaton offers.

Eaton offers the industry’s most complete line of Magnum, Contactor, and Breaker-based transfer switches. Eaton offers a full-line of automatic open transition, automatic closed transition, non-automatic, and manual transfer switches. Eaton is also the industry leader for Service Entrance Rated transfer switches.

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