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Bi-Fuel Generator Sets

Bi-Fuel Generator Sets

Generac Industrial Power Bi-Fuel Generator Set

The only true bi-fuel system, Generac’s Bi-Fuel generators, are EPA certified from the factory. Other bi-fuel systems are aftermarket systems retrofitted in the field. Generac’s Bi-Fuel system components are specifically engineered to integrate together, with full warranty and service support included.

  • Industry only factory built and tested Bi-Fuel product.
  • Operates on a combination of Natural Gas and Diesel Fuel.
  • Extended run times.
  • Automatically operates on diesel fuel only, if natural gas is lost.
  • Bi-Fuel generators use the combustion of natural gas and diesel fuel in a typical standby generator engine. Initially, the generator engine operates 100% on diesel fuel. As load is applied, the system adds natural gas to the combustion air stream. The natural gas/air mixture provides additional power and the engine management system automatically scales back the amount of diesel being injected into the combustion chamber. The resulting product enjoys the advantages of diesel and natural gas.
  • Scalable for larger systems or redundancy with MPS.


Power Rating Model Engine
500kW SB500 15.2L Perkins
600kW SB600 18.1L Perkins