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Brand Listing Line Card

EVAPAR has developed strategic partnerships with only the most reputable manufactures in the industry. We pride ourselves in offering quality accessories for all of our products. Please review the list of manufactures below and know that EVAPAR offers complete application engineering services for all of the products listed. Feel free to give us a call for assistance with your project.



1.8 Liter 42/49 HP Ratings

2.4 Liter 49/61/66/74 HP Ratings

3.4 Liter No SCR 74 HP rating

3.4 Liter with SCR 85/92/100/110 130 HP Ratings

Doosan’s multi-award winning G2 Tier-4 & Euro-Stage IIIB complaint engines exceed every emission regulation without the need for a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).

     4.5 Liter 119/168 HP Ratings

     6.7 Liter 173/202/282 HP Ratings

     8.7 Liter 329/409 HP Ratings

     12.9 Liter 515/546 HP ratings

FPT adopts the most advanced technologies that are available: innovative structure, multi-valve systems, fixed or variable geometry turbo-chargers, state-of-the-art mechanical injection systems, high pressure Common Rail injection systems and electronically controlled nozzle pumps. HI-E SCR only technology eliminates the need for costly high maintenance DPF’s (diesel particulate filters) resulting in higher power densities and better fuel economy.


     11 KW – 62 KW

     600 KW – 2000 KW

Mitsubishi Industrial engines are available in the range of 11kw to 62kw and 600kw to 2,000kw and meets all the current EPA regulations. Variable and fixed rpm (11kw to 62kw) are good for generator sets, pumps, compressors and off road applications. From 600kw to 2,000kw is the perfect fit for larger generator sets.
MZ 125          MZ 300revs red4color-3d_tm

MZ 175       MZ 360

MZ 200

MZ 250



Consists of a lineup of 4 HP to 12 HP overhead valve engines that will drive various machinery in a wide range of applications.

Engine Accessories

DSE Murphy
NACD Donaldson
DCL Airflow
cdti firvvin
lofa Engineaire
EVAPAR offers complete application engineering services and custom packages to fit your needs. Custom controls and drive systems to optimize your equipment value. Whatever the application we will strive to give you the best possible solution.