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Generac Rebate Offer

You’re all about being neighborly.

the guy next door wants to borrow the leaf blower? No Problem.  The kids up the block are selling candy bars? You’ll take two.  But when the power goes out for days at a time, and your lights are the only ones on, your neighbors might look out across the darkness and see a bed & breakfast where your house used to be.  And that might be a little too much.  But not if they have a Generac home standby generator of their own…Take advantage of the Generac Rebate offer presented by

You can enter to win a home standby generator at  Checkout the website for details.

Take advantage of our $100/$100 Neighbor Rebate: $100 for you and $100 for them if they purchase their own home standby generator.  Its the neighborly thing to do. standbygenerator

Download the pdf fo

Mail the form and receipt to:

GENERAC Referral Rebate


Posted by: Bret Grimes on January 23, 2013
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