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Customer Connection Interface (CCI)

CCI BrochureGenerac has made numerous improvements to its Customer Connection Interface (CCI)—the first of their kind in the industrial sector. The direct result of many focus groups Generac conducted with electrical contractors and engineers, the CCI improvements make all Generac Industrial Power systems even more customizable, user-friendly, and—above all—easy to install.

  • Easier to Wire: The circuit breakers have been repositioned to provide more room for cable regrouping, and to allow cables to run straight into the breaker bays—with or without cable glanding.
  • Discrete High and Low Voltage Terminal Connections with Separate High and Low Voltage Stub-up Locations: These connections have been separated to meet updated UL2200 requirements.
  • Optional Breaker and Main Lug Connections: A main lug connection can be installed in one of the two circuit breaker bays to support applications that require main lug connections for easier selective coordination or for easier load bank access.

Additionally, numerous improvements have been made to the generator enclosures:

  • Post-free twin doors (barn door style) for larger openings and unobstructed service access
  • Gasket-free, interconnected roof panel joints for drip- and maintenance-free roofs
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hinges with nylon spacers for corrosion-free removable doors
  • Two-point door latch system to seal out water and seal in noise
  • Lockable turn-and-tuck stainless steel latch handles do not protrude
  • Dense, closed cell foam insulation with reflective silver Mylar layer for reduced noise, improved visibility, and reduced radiant heat exposure

For complete information about the CCI improvements, please download our brochure

Posted by: Bret Grimes on January 23, 2012
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