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EVAPAR supplies and services Atlas Copco Air Compressors.

Since 1912, EVAPAR has specialized in servicing the “power” needs in the marketplace. Today, EVAPAR is proud to sell, service and support products from the World’s largest manufacturer of Industrial Compressed air systems, Atlas Copco. EVAPAR Is your partner for the service of your Atlas Copco air compressor.

With the Atlas Copco product, we truly offer a “workplace compressed air system”. Known for their low sound levels and high efficiencies, EVAPAR can provide the right equipment to save you money in installation and operation of your compressed air systems. Contact our air compressor department for help or more information, or visit the EVAPAR location nearest to you.

About Atlas Copco

 Atlas Copco is the worlds largest manufacturer of industrial compressors, specializing in oil flooded, oil free rotary screw units, and oil free rotary scroll units, also providing air treatment and preparation equipment in drying equipment and filtration products.

EVAPAR is Louisville’s Source for Quincy Air Compressors

If you are in the Louisville area and in search of a high quality air compressor from Quincy Compressor, look no further than EVAPAR’s Louisville location. We proudly serve as Louisville’s premier supplier and service provider of Quincy Compressor products.

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This series incorporates proven Atlas Copco industrial rotary screw technology, providing optimum performance, high reliability, long lifetime and reduced maintenance requirements. 


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GA series, small in footprint…. big in performance. The GA units are delivered to the site equipped with oil and are ready to go. To start the operation, just connect the compressor to its power source.


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The SF scroll series relies on a radically new technology, ensuring economy in operation, extremely quiet running, minimum servicing and space saving, thanks to its simplicity and compact design. It is equipped with a highly efficient IP55 class F electric motor.

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FX Refrigerant dryers with industrial performance and simple reliability. 




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The right choice. A smooth production process, a quality end product, the lowest operating and maintenance costs, and ensuring a healthy environment; these are the inherent qualities of oil-free air compression.


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Moisture can seriously harm your compressed air system… unless you install an FD dryer. To eliminate the problems caused by moisture carryover, Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive new range of FD refrigerant dryers to precisely match your installation.

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Atlas Copco offers a range of CD dryers, covering air capacities from 1.4 to 1050 l/s and available in 21 sizes with a pressure dewpoint from -20° to -40°C and -70°C as an option. CD dryers have a constant air pressure due to smooth pressurizing of the towers. 

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Dryers for demanding applications and energy-conscious customers For critical applications where air quality is paramount, the CD 2-32 range of heatless adsorption air dryers provides the perfect solution.


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Airnet Compressed Air Piping Systems



The range of EWD electronically controlled condensate drains is synonymous with safe, dependable and economical condensate management.




AirNet’s large range of fittings lets you customize your air system to your production environment’s specific needs. AirNet is suitable for compressed air as well as inert gasses. Learn more about AirNet & their Compressed Air Piping Systems 

Used Compressors – Please contact for availability and models.
Saylor Beal – Manufacturer of industrial grade reciprocating air compressor packages ranging from 1/2hp to 30hp.
Curtis-Toledo – Manufacturer of industrial grade reciprocation compressor packages ranging from 5hp to 100hp.
Great Lakes Air Dryers – Regional manufacturer of compressed air drying equipment including refrigerated type air dryers, regenerative type, both heatless, heated type, and blower purge.
Penway – ASME code industrial receiver tanks.
NANO Purification Systems – Oil condensate separators and compressed air treatment products.


Maintenance Contracts

EVAPAR offers many maintenance contract packages. Even if you are not within the geographic area for us to oversee your equipment personally, our partnership network of certified specialists, nationally and internationally, will ensure the products you purchase from us receive reliable routine service. Emergency Service Available – 24 hour support seven days a week.



Diesel driven units up to 1600 CFM
Electric drive units Lubricated and Oil Free from 5 HP to 350 HP
Air treatment equipment
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